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Balanoor is one amongst the few plantations adopting mixed crop cultivation. At Balanoor we manufacture both Orthodox and CTC tea.

The Balanoor Tea Plantations comprises of (225 HA) two tea estates, Murgadhi and Yelemadalu, in Chikamagalur, producing about 625 Tons of tea per year. The tender tea leaves plucked are processed in the Tea Factory equipped with modern machinery. Special attention is paid to post harvest technology. The factory is regularly modernized and technologically upgraded to consistently manufacture high quality of tea. We practice sustainable cultivation and our tea is shade grown. We systematically replant old tea plants with high quality, high yielding clones. This should increase the yield of the plantation in the future.

Technical Specifications of Tea Production

Divisions Murgadhi and Yelemadalu
Region of Growth Koppa Taluk, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka State, India
Altitude 900 meters to 1400 meters above MSL.
Annual Rainfall 245 cm to 300 cm
Temperature Range 15 - 35 degrees C
Variety of Tea Assam hybrid and Research Station selection
Type of Shade Silver Oak
Birds and animals seen on the Plantation Birds: Peacock, Woodpecker, Laggar Falcon, Jungle Fowl, Sparrows, Crows, Minivet, Bulbul, Flower Pecker, Myna, Owl, Indian Parakeet, Wild Pigeon, and migratory birds.

Animals: Bison, Sambar, Deer, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Wild Boar, Wild Goat, Fox, Hare.
Other Crops Coffee, Pepper, Areca, Cardamom, vanilla, timber
Annual Production of Tea CTC - 625 Tons (Orthodox processed on order).
Quality Control The quality control is ensured at each point of processing by constant inspection by management. We ensure good housekeeping practices at the factory to maintain hygienic conditions involving all the factory work force.
Sustainable Agriculture and Ecological Practices Organic compost is applied at 5 tons per acre, once in 5 years. We practice rainwater harvesting and soil erosion prevention. We have retained a large area under forests to encourage survival of flora and fauna.
Labour and Social Obligation Provides labour with housing, schooling, crèche and medical facilities, maternity and annual leave benefits, recreation club, subsidized power and provisions.